EPMT work in AfricaWelcome to the Evangelical Press Missionary Trust website

Our MISSION is to advance the Christian faith and the gospel of God’s grace by publishing reformed literature throughout the world concentrating mainly on French and Russian, holding conferences, etc.

What are we doing?

  • Europresse: French literature for France, West Africa and Haiti
  • Russian literature for Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia
  • Conferences and courses for pastors, visits to local churches, etc.

Challenges and Opportunities

The many rapidly growing churches in other parts of the world are in great need of preaching and teaching and hence, reformed-evangelical literature in their own language. Many pastors need training to preach the gospel and to build healthy churches.

Some new initiatives:

  • Russian: translations of J.Calvin, B.B.Warfield, D.A.Carson, etc.
  • French: reprints of Spurgeon titles, develop more missionary contacts