Slava ViazovskiThe Russian work is led by Slava Viazovski (pictured to the right). Some examples of the books published are showed below: The Forgotten Spurgeon (Iain Murray), Genesis (John D. Currid), and Is God past His Sell-by Date? John (Blanchard).

Books in Russian

Russian Work
The Russian work of EP Missionary Trust is operating from Belarus in Eastern Europe.
The work operates under the name of Gospel and Reformation (G&R) and started in 2003. G&R is a ministry committed to translation, publication, and distribution of Reformed books.
Evangelical  Press =   Евангелие и Реформация (Russian) = Gospel and  Reformation

Since 2003 over 60 titles have been published equalling 210,000 copies in total. Examples of titles are:
C.H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David
John Calvin: most of his commentaries on the New Testament
John Currid: commentaries on Genesis, Exodus
J.I. Packer, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God
Iain Murray, The Forgotten Spurgeon
D.A. Carson, A Call to Spiritual Reformation
D.A. Carson, Exegetical Fallacies
Joel Beeke, Striving against Satan
Derek Thomas, God Delivers (commentary on Isaiah)
Erroll Hulse, Who are the Puritans?
These books are distributed across the Russian speaking world in some cases directly, in other cases through the ministry of other organisations. The Russian speaking world covers a vast area.

G&R has been training Russian speaking pastors and church leaders through various conferences held in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. In total 13 conferences have taken place with a range of speakers such as John Blanchard, Stuart Olyott, Joel Beeke, Geof Thomas, Gordon Keddie, John Currid and others. The conferences have been a powerful instrument to introduce Russian speaking pastors to reformed theology.

The team
The team in Belarus is led by Dr. Slava Viazovski (PhD from Highland Theological College in 2014). His wife Anya is also actively involved as well as a team of 4-5 other people.

Future plans
We are continually seeking to grow the work both in terms of publishing and training of pastors.
Project 100 Books
There is a large influence of theological liberalism in the Russian speaking world through western education and a steady flow of literature. We are convinced that reformed theology is the only truly effective instrument to oppose liberalism. This has led us to prioritise the translation and publication of new reformed books as follows:

Systematic and biblical theology. Plans include the publication of several volumes of the well-known Contours of Christian Theology series (e.g. The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson), books by Warfield and, if possibhle, the major 4-volume work by Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics. In the area of Biblical Theology we are looking at the well-known classic by Geerhardus Vos and books by Greg Beale.

Calvin studies. Several volumes by Richard Muller and Paul Helm will complement the already published works by calvin himself such as his commentaries.

Select commentaries: if possible we would long to make available some of the best commentaries such as Moo on Romans and Carson on Matthew and John.

Key biographies: our wish list includes Spurgeon’s autobiography and A Life of John Calvin by Alister E. McGrath.

History of the Reformation. Here our aim is to make available the classic volumes by Merle d’Aubigne, History of the Reformation, and Theology of the Reformers by Timothy George.
Funds are not yet available for many of these plans. So, please, consider if you are willing to support translation and publication of one 9or more) of these books.

Although this may seem very ambitious, the Lord has laid a vision on the heart of Slava Viazovski to set up a reformed seminary in Belarus. At the moment no such seminary exists. The nearest seminaries teaching evangelical and reformed theology are in Samara, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine which are both a long way away from Belarus (1,000 and 450 miles, resp.).
For this purpose, Slava has done his PhD research project to be finished with his doctoral thesis in September 2014 (supervisor dr. Paul Helm). Slava has already started a summer school of theology in Minsk in 2013.

Picture of 2013 Summer School of Theology:

Russian website
The website for Russian publications is: